Sugar-coated nudity (the cakes. not me. sheesh).

So the festive season is over, and for this lucky girl it was extra festive - my best friend got married!

To add to the fun of that occasion, I was honoured and delighted when she asked me long ago to make her wedding cake, and couldn't be happier to have been a part of her special day in such a special way (in addition to being a bridesmaid... eep! #stress).

This was my first foray into the world of what has become all the rage over Pinterest the past year or so - the Naked Cake! It was fun, gritty, and delicious to make; it certainly didn't hurt that the flavours I had to play with were chocolate and salted caramel.

We had a lovely taste testing at Wiley's Baths near my place in Coogee (champagne mandatory of course) and settled on a 6 layer, 2 tier cake combining choc mud cakes, salted caramel mud cakes, choc salted caramel frosting and cream cheese salted caramel frosting. And it wouldn't be a cake of mine without the obligatory salted caramel sauce layered in between as well (me and Manu; we love our sauce) with extra on the side. Just in case (read: because I wanted extra for myself).

After battling the summer elements - boy has it been a fun summer to spend in a hot kitchen - and paving my way through the largest mound of frosting I've ever worked with, I think it turned out pretty well, no?


Word on the street passed around pretty quickly too, as I received a request a few days later for a similarly styled engagement cake this past weekend (Choc and Vanilla, in this case). I'm loving the in-season Dahlias from Naomi Jones Flower Studio (who were amazing to deal with, btw) which really finished off that cake nicely, I think. The party was held at the Farmhouse in Rushcutter's Bay - I haven't eaten there yet myself but from the rustic decor to the seasonal (and vegetarian-friendly!) menu I can tell you it won't be long before I do. And I'm taking as many of you with me as possible (or as many will fit at their long lovely timber table).


So what do we think? Are naked cakes here to stay in all their glory, or will they move on quicker than you can say 'cake pop'? I personally love the visual of them when paired with a gorgeous floral arrangement (next stop: hydrangeas) so I look forward to plenty more birthday suited-cakes in the future.

Gemma x